• About Us.

    Our inception was one of uncertainty, both in our survival and our knowledge. Simply put, how could we make the very best Pinot, Chardonnay and Syrah that could be made? And equally as important, would our customers pay the additional money necessary to do such a thing?

    The answers to these questions are now certain. We have been accepted and we continue to make better wines each year. Starting out, we needed to understand our vineyard sites, farm them like never before and make sacrifice. The attitude of Ambullneo Vineyards is "whatever it takes". No cluster is safe from being dropped to the ground, both in the vineyard and on the sorting table. No barrel is safe from being rejected and never making it to the final product. Only the tightest grain barrels are chosen for the project and cost is not a consideration. At first, while learning our sites, we were making cuvees (the blending of several vineyards). Now that the vineyards have more age and we are approaching our 9th vintage, we have started making site specific wines.


    It comes down to this: whatever it took to produce the finest in wine is the course we have selected. Our decisions have not been easy to make, but we believe that in effort you will find reward. Mass producing wine is not something that interests me. It's handcrafted wines from the vineyard that ignite my passions.

    Please feel free to contact me with questions and/or observations.

    Thank You,

    Greg Linn